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Welcome to WHERS, we’re thrilled to be the world’s largest higher educational ranking summit – in fact, this summit is the very first of it’s kind. WHERS will be a benchmark for future Higher Educational ranking summits.

We are excited to launch the Inaugural edition of this premier international higher education conference where Attendees will experience high-quality/informative presentations and dynamic networking sessions.

WHERS conference is not simply an event, It’s a platform for leading higher education stakeholders from around the world to be a part of the new ranking engine UNIRANKS

The WHERS event will run from the 22nd to the 26th of February 2022. To achieve the highest participation possible, we opted to launch the conference hybrid .


UNIRANKS, the largest ranking engine ever made is a contemporary, unique, and innovative approach to the field of higher education, UNIRANKS is made in such a way that makes it possible for everyone to contribute and to be a part of this open-based project.

UNIRANK engine utilizes 100s of ranking factors and 100s of millions of records for more than 30K universities around the globe and more than 2.5 million academics to achieve Accuracy and fairness.

This massive scale of data ensures that UNIRANKS platform will be unlike any other, Not only will it serve as a pivotal tool for promoting universities’ visibility but also will reflect their true capabilities.

UNIRANKS will serve as a one-stop-shop for the students. Guiding them through the processes of field of studies, Study destination, the Admission application process, internship, student life, and even career placement, and much much more.
So, don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity, become an integral part of the launch of UNIRANKS platform and sign up today!

innovative platform

a one-stop-shop for the students

UNIRANKS supports students from around the globe in their own native language

powerful search

UNIRANKS helps the student to find their dream university, program, and study destination with a powerful comparison

a students communities

A powerful community tool that allows supporting students at every stage to communicate with other university students, academics, admissions, ambassadors, joining groups, ask questions that can be answered by the university representative or the community.

students support

Covering student needs all the way to the end, the platform with its tools supports the students who are looking for internships, advancing their learning and future career with short courses, finding internships, careers opportunities at graduation, and more.

30+ thousand universities

the platform was made in a way to host more than 30K universities and thousands of higher education providers such as training centers and short courses.

one-click application

The platform will suggest and allow students to choose multiple universities based on their interests and apply with one click.

full View

A university profile page that reflects the university true capabilities; Overview, rank position, star rating ( locally, regionally, and internationally),  programs and degrees, accreditation, admission requirement, facilities, students satisfaction, and much more

language support

most important to maximize the benefit from this effort UNIRANKS comes with more than 30+ languages to achieve the highest reach possible

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