What is Elite University

UNIRANKS is a ranking engine based on data-driven concepts and ranking committees. We believe we can reach an accuracy of up to 90%, which will leave 10% that must be covered by conducting a detailed analysis and assessment by UNIRANKS’s expert team.

Universities will be evaluated on hundreds of indicators across all of UNIRANKS’s main categories. After the assessment, universities will be awarded Elite University status. Depending on the evaluation, universities can gain from 1% to 10% under each main category.

Elite university based on two status categories
  • Colors (Platinum, Gold and Silver) the colors reflect the size of the university.
  • Stars which ranges from 1 to 5-Star, the stars reflect achievements and excellence.

How to claim status

  • Once all the required records and data related to all our indicators and student support data are populated university can request for Elite service.

Elite program inquiries